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Welcome to the Bevy Process

As a fully integrated home management firm, our goal isn't an insta-worthy photo of your living room. Bevy is thinking of how the whole house works together to serve your family. Our measure of success is the impact we've had on your life.

While a project may start with a focus on design, we may pivot to fix an organizational issue that will quickly have a greater impact on your day-to-day life. You can trust that Bevy will always approach your projects just like we would for our own home and our own family.



Bevy will combine our design expertise with your timeline, budget and priorities to create a highly personalized plan to transform your home. It may incorporate interior design, construction, organizational systems and products, and day-to-day home management.



Then, we put that plan into action. Bevy's team of project managers and designers turn that plan into reality while you focus on something else. We operate alongside you to create the home that allows you and your family to flourish.



Need more hours in a day... every day? Bevy is your long term partner in your home. Delegate home maintenance and property management, moving, refreshing, redesigning and more. We are invested in learning your family and how you operate and your priorities.

Meet The Team

Getting in Touch

We're available via phone, text and email:

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 16:00 CT

Chat about designs and products directly in our client portal:

832-841-BEVY (2389)

Your Client Portal

Our client portal is your one-stop shop for all things Bevy. In the portal, you can view and comment on any designs, approve and reject purchases, and manage invoices.

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Receive an Invitation to our Client Portal

First, you will receive a welcome email from our client portal, Materio ( After opening the email, click ‘View Project’ and create a login. Now you can get to everything Bevy-related: products, approvals, conversations, and invoices.

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Approve Purchases

When a project is ready, the team will prepare 'Selections' in the client portal so that you can approve any necessary purchases, such as contractor services to fix an issue or organizational products to organize the garage. Ask questions, compare recommendations, and approve the choice you want to move forward with.

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Collaborate on Designs

In 'Scope', click on the images at the bottom of the screen to see any requested designs for your home. What do you think? In the top left corner, click on the comments icon and leave your thoughts. Our team will see your message and either respond in Materio or discuss it at your next meeting.

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Manage Finances

Experience unparalleled transparency into the finances of home management:

- View and pay invoices

- See the estimated cost of your project and % invoiced

- See the budgeted and actual cost by line item

Questions & Answers

Who will work on my project?

While each client will have a primary point of contact, the short answer is everyone. Each team member has their specialties and we leverage all of them to deliver the best experience for each of our clients.

What does full-service mean?

Full-service means that Bevy manages every detail from start to finish. You are not asked to go pick up items or provide any materials along the way. Items delivered incorrectly or damaged are all managed seamlessly. Things inevitably go awry with any purchasing, with Bevy it is our responsibility to right the wrongs.

How is construction managed?

Construction is always disruptive to a home, but with Bevy we work to keep this as minimal as possible. Communication and site management are critical. We address this by providing clear and frequent communication on schedules and daily activities. Barriers will be utilized to contain mess and we have a daily broom clean policy.

What are the payment terms?


$160 / Hour

Design Projects and Home Management

Construction / Remodeling

Products invoiced upon client selection

Initial Design Phase is invoiced upon contract execution, subsequent phases are invoiced bi-weekly

Third Party Services invoiced upon booking

50% payment due to upon project approval

35% payment due upon substantial completion of line item

15% payment due upon final completion of line item

Home Management

$110 / Hour

Thank You

Lynda & Carissa

Bevy was founded on the core belief that we all need help and should not have to “do life” without support.

We believe you shouldn't have to carry the burden alone.

You shouldn’t have to compromise to have big dreams.

With a trusted partner, you can get the time back you need to live your best life.

From interior design to construction to home maintenance, Bevy services your family.


Thank you for this opportunity – from our family to yours.

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