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Preparing for & Living with
Home Renovations

Congratulations! You’re another step closer to living in the home of your dreams. Bevy is here to ensure your home renovation project goes as smoothly as possible.


To help you prepare for this process, here are our tried & true tips to help you successfully manage the difference stages of your Bevy renovation.


Take a breath. We’ve got this.

How to Prepare for Home Construction

Image by Unseen Studio


Prepare Mentally & Document Your Home

  • Home construction is an exciting, and many times, messy, process. Prepare to embrace the mess & clutter.

  • Take photos of spaces & possessions

  • Designate one area to store all the valuable items ($$ and memory value). That will make it much easier to find when it is time to put everything back together.


Clear Out The Clutter

  • Pack away your belongings into storage bins or moving boxes

  • Vacuum seal softgoods (pillows, bedding, etc ...)

  • This is a great time to sort & dispose of unwanted items. If it is not coming back - don't take the time to store it away :)

Movers Carrying Packages


Relocate Your Possessions

  • Move items to the garage or rooms where work is not being done

  • Short on space? Consider renting a storage unit or an onsite POD. Bevy can recommend locations, and we have great partners that can relocate your belongings for you as well!


Create New Living Spaces (If you choose to remain in your home)

  • Move to a guest bedroom & bathroom

  • Set up a temporary kitchen in another room, hallway, or garage

  • Meal prep before construction & stock up on nonperishables

  • Kitchen supplies to purchase: electric burner or camping stove, garbage can with lid, card table for dining

Image by Sam Harrons

Limited on Time?

Hire Bevy to carefully pack up your belongings & relocate them to your desired location.

How to Live with Home Construction

Want to move out during construction? We recommend visiting family or friends, taking a vacation, staying in a hotel, or even renting a camper!


However, if you choose to remain in your home, we want to help you be as comfortable as possible. (Remember to embrace the mess!)


Take a breath. We’ve got this.

Image by Christin Hume


General Tips if You Choose to Remain in your Home

  • Establish a new routine and flow in your new living spaces

  • If you work from home, consider purchasing sound-proofing equipment or using a co-working space

  • Pets: boarding or temporarily rehoming is a great option. If they stay with you, ensure they have space away from the construction, or a yard, to reduce stress

  • Plan to be away from your home on the first day of construction

  • Remember to trust the process! Your Bevy partner can answer any questions or concerns that arise


Most-Used Living Spaces:
Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Living Rooms

  • Move into a guest room or set up a new sleeping space in a
    private area

  • Pack a “vacation-bag” for the duration of your project

  • Move into a guest bathroom & use a shower caddy for your most-used items

  • Temporarily consolidate living, play, and work areas

  • In decent weather, your backyard & outdoor spaces can be put to great use

Packing Luggage
Washing Dishes


Kitchen & Dinning Room Renovations

  • Use disposable dinnerware to reduce dish washing

  • Consider local dine-in and take-out options

  • Use guest or hall bath sink for cleanup

  • A microwave and toaster oven can cook a lot of things. Also air fryers are amazing... Bevy is happy to share some of our favorite recipes as well! 


Laundry Renovations

  • Do laundry at a friend's or family's home

  • Hire a laundry service

  • Visit a laundromat

Image by Julianna Arjes

Dust Happens

The Bevy team & our construction partners work hard to remove dust in your home throughout the project. However, we also recommend changing air filters bi-weekly, using an air purifier, and keeping a vacuum handy during this process.

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