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Changing lives one home at a time.

Bevy is a full-service design, construction & home management firm based in the Houston metropolitan area.


With our combined expertise in interior design, space planning, organizational systems, construction management, and day-to-day home management, we transform your home from a place that you live to a place that you love.

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Interior Design

Combining Function and Aesthetic

First, we get to know you and everyone who uses a space. Every design starts with understanding the problems we need to solve.

Then, we develop a comprehensive plan that meets your functional needs and as well as your aesthetic.

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Construction Management

Completing Projects on Time and in Budget

Our team of contractors complete quality work at competitive rates.


Bevy will oversee construction and ensure each detail is implemented with your needs and taste in mind. If a surprise comes up, we swiftly adjust the plans and keep momentum.

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Home Management

Taking Over your To-Do List

Sometimes the help you need isn't one large project, but a never-ending to-do list of smaller items. 

Hand off your endless to-do list to the same team skilled in design, organization, and project management with a team of contractors.


Featured Projects

Starting from Scratch in Friendswood

Helping a client discover their style and bring it to life.

The Bevy Story



noun. a large group of people of a particular purpose.

Carissa and Lynda Color.jpeg

After years of working together and building successful careers, Lynda and Carissa realized they did not have the support network they needed. They were professionals with goals, mommas with kiddos to raise, partners to their spouses – but it was all held together with tape and string. Fragile.

They needed Bevy, but it did not exist, so they quit their day jobs and got to work. Lynda and Carissa explored ways to lighten the load for families, and it all came together -- Bevy is the answer to all things home.


Bevy brings to families the care and love of a trusted friend with the expertise of a project manager, the flair of a designer, and the patience and persistence of a mom. 


Spend time where it matters and delegate the rest. Schedule your discovery call today.

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